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Calculation based on known total capacity and rainwater calculation

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Calculation based on drainage sources

Berechnung von Gartenpumpen, Tiefbrunnenpumpen und Regenwassernutzungsanlagen


The dimensioning of sewage lifting units is based on standards and regulations acc. to DIN 1986-100 and DIN EN 12056-4 and the commentaries on these standards.

Claims and regulations from local constitutions must be consulted with the respective approval authority

The recommendation for planning and dimensioning is non-binding and must be checked responsibly by the customer.

Disclaimer: Claims for damages of the user, no matter the legal argument, because of defects of the software or violation of other liabilities, are excluded. In particular, these are: incorrect dimensioning of lifting units, pumps or other system components, wrong data, drawings, characteristics or price indications.

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